Development Team
Lead Programmer, Project Coordinator
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Philip "BorisTSR" Edwards

Philip is one of our programmers. Previous experience includes several years experience with C++ and OpenGL for hobby projects. He has finished a TAFE course in software engineering and is currently working in the IT industry. He wishes to enter the game development industry.

Batcave Slimer
Intergalactic Overlord
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Simon "Batcave_Slimer" Hampshire

Simon is another of our modeler/mappers. He has experience modding NWN & NWN2, which has manifested as three online persistent worlds for NWN. He is currently in his final year of study in game design.

Bug Tester / Quality Assurance / Website / Forum Admin / Server Admin
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Michael "Gatesy" Edwards

Michael is currently the guy we throw any work we need extensively tested to. He WILL find any bugs. And he won't be nice about it.
He has now taken on further roles including Web and forum admin. And now has also as quality control officer is now working on the build process keeping each package made, a complete functional unit for all users compiling all aspects of the project into one end product, working heavily with each team.

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Thomas "dakkon" Copeland

Thomas is another of our programmers. He's a full-time student studying Computer Science and wants to work in the IT industry as a programmer upon course completion.

Dark Virus
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Ercole "Dark Virus" Farina

My Experience is that started I had off at Victoria university doing an Advanced Diploma in Games Development. After I had graduated from Victoria University I had decided to better my experience by pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Games and Interactivity as Swinburne University. During my time at Victoria University I had learnt modelling with 3DS Max and in the second year of my time there I started working also with Zbrush in sync with my 3DS max modelling. Other skills that I have include a bit of level design with the Unreal Engine and also 2D Art and Texturing as well as a bit of 3D animation. Now currently in my 1st year at Swinburne doing the BA course I had been noticed by Batcave_Slimer for my 3D design skills and was asked if I was interested in working for the MOD Hostile Takeover 2050 as a 3D Artist. I decided this was a great opportunity for me and a good industry experience.

Modeler, Mapper
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John "Nomadicus" Eerenberg

He has worked in the IT industry for 30+ years mainly in operating system internals; recently he started working toward a second career in gaming. John likes the HT2050 project because it is UT3 based and combines Deus-Ex game play elements (UT3 and Deus-Ex are his two favorite game series). In time, John hopes to transition from the IT industry to full time in the gaming industry as a game designer, modeler, mapper.

Previous Members
Gamer Designer - Modeller - Mapper - Project Coordinator
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Adam "ViViD" Sheridan

Adam is a modeler/mapper. His previous work includes many maps for Red Orchestra on the Unreal 2 engine. Adam currently runs his own IT Support/Consulting company, but would prefer doing game design in the long term future.

Modeler, Mapper, Texture Artist
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Owen "Cab00sE" Gillman

Currently studying for a degree in 3D animation and digital media. Loves video games, started modding and mapping in 2001 for red faction followed by half life, condition zero, and now anything built on the source engine.

Concept Artist / Texture Artist / Web designer
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Evan "Mephistoau" Raynor

He has worked freelance for a few years now. Whilst freelancing, he managed to complete a Cert IV in Arts (Applied Design) and a Diploma of Illustration. He is currently expanding his already great work in his portfolio with Hostile Takeover - in his bid to land full time work as a concept artist. He is the coolest member of the team.