Story outline:

Set in the 2050's,the development of enhanced DNA sequencing and nano-technology has seen rapid advancements in cybernetic engineering. Governments of the world act as the puppets of global mega corporations.

These corporations use legal and illegal means to gain more power. From 2020 onwards it was commonplace for corporations to steal, exterminate and blackmail other corporations especially where legal means are denied or are too expensive. They develop their own infiltration forces to get these jobs done above and also spend vast amounts of money on security systems and resources to protect their own interests.

With government's power dissolving and corporations tiring of the corrupt legal systems, more and more corporations chose more aggressive means. The corporations have developed a new structure for disputes over corporate law and market share. The new system became more primal than any could have foreseen. Many smaller companies have been gobbled up by larger corporations. The term 'hostile takeover' took on a new meaning. Cybernetically enhanced infiltrators are the tools used to intimidate or weaken other companies. Once sufficiently weakened the victor would then stamp its authority on the victim.

This was thought to be the end of small business, however small businesses quickly aligned themselves to larger corporations, which deterred aggressors from an expensive corporate war. Alliances between corporations ensured that anything but the most covert operations were punished severely.

Some businesses are not worth a bloody takeover, sometimes just a little bit of blackmail evidence, stolen research or the liquidation of a human asset would satisfy the larger corporations interests.

The infiltration teams have become specialised cybertroops who infiltrate various facilities such as research compounds, corporate headquarters or other infrastructure to achieve a companies goals. These infiltration teams steal, sabotage or destroye opposing corporations assets in order to gain advantage in the world market place.

Fortunately, there are enough global corporations to prevent a world monopoly in any one market. Rivalry and competition is fierce where innovations and profitability are concerned.

Brief Game Description:

You can play as either Corporate Security or Infiltrators. Infiltrators will not be able to respawn, but since they are heavily equipped cyber troopers, they are harder to kill. Infiltrators will be able to customise attributes and cyberware, in order to concentrate on speed, strength or stealth among other abilities.

Corporate Security will have 2 levels:

Level 1 is your basic security guard. These are the security forces first to encounter infiltrators. They are average guys with a tough job. If they die, the player comes back as a Level 2 security guard (see below).

Level 2 are a highly trained team of security personnel. These guys are equipped with assault rifles, and train daily. The level 2 security guard is the equivalent of a SWAT member of the 20th Century.